Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Swellegant Birthday

As with everything in life it takes all kinds, this past week end I had the best of that. The call for this event came in just prior to Christmas about the clients 40th birthday. Something elegant, soignée, I labeled it swellegant and we went on to the planning. Miss M, the birthday girl, choose a substantial menu of passed hors d’oeuvres and wanted a trio of cakes to end with a celebratory note. I called upon one of the bakers we use regularly because of her very fresh ways of decorating and her very tasty cakes.

Erin McGinn ( made the delivery at the appointed hour and they were above and beyond all expectations. Seems our budding entrepreneur had time on her hands and her creative juices were flowing, not willing to let an opportunity go by, Miss McGinn went to town on our order turning the request for simple layer cakes into something truly memorable. Upon seeing the cakes the design idea for the stationary display completely changed. We took Lucite boxes, filled them with new pairs of the hostesses own shoes, small light packs and roses, taking a minimalist (for us anyway!) approach to make the cakes the feature throughout the night rather than bring them out just for dessert.

Our hostess/birthday girl has a Parson’s design background which was evident throughout her newly renovated home. Miss M choose warm toned roses, vases of flowering quince and many many candles to create an ambiance that spoke of the January evening. Her husband, extremely knowledgeable in wines and spirits, added to the evening with signature cocktails prepared by a master mixologist and rare cordials to complement the cakes. A truly unforgettable evening.

Here is Miss M’s menu:

Stationary Display

Baked Brie with Dried Fruits and Nuts
Crudites with Orange Feta Dip, Smoked Cheddar Bacon Dip & Fresh Herb Dip
International Cheeses with Seasonal Fruits, Dried Fruits, Breads & Crackers featuring Stilton and Parmesan

Passed Hors D'ouerves

Baby Lamb Chops with a Spicey Mint marinade and served with Dried Cherry Chili Chutney Dipping Sauce
Bacon Grissini
Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade
Goat Cheese "Quenelles", Figs & Honey Glazed Pecans on Endive Petals
Shrimp & Sesame Sticks with a Sweet Dipping Sauce
Smoked Salmon on Black Bread
Sweet Potato Fritters with Pear Chutney
Zucchini Pancakes with Basil Chive Cream
Sliced Beef Tenderloin with Arugula Horseradish Cream


A Lemon Cake, A Mocha Cake & a Coconut Cake.

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