Friday, January 16, 2009


Beginning a blog has been something I wanted to do but have not found the time, it is January, a plane just landed on the Hudson, Bernie Madoff is home enjoying his digs next Tuesday becomes one of the most historic swearing in ceremonies this country will see (until they put a woman in that big white house : ) ) and there is no time like the present.

Food, politics, zeitgeist. They are so intertwined in my life. I cater life events for a living, I love food, I love parties, I love creating a fantasy of a moment where the world and the ones you care most about are brought together in as ideal a setting as is possible. In January the calls come in from the women who are planning their big event of the year. A wedding, a B’nai Mitzvah a milestone birthday or anniversary and this year the word is budget. So we have food, politics and zeitgeist rolled into one of their biggest moments and probably biggest expenditure of the year.

I want to blog on the process of the life as a caterer, to share menus, thoughts on food, a recipe here and there and hear what you have to say on the experience of creating your big day. To use this place as a clearing house for some of you to see what we have been up to with photos and when big things happen (like planes landing in the Hudson River) a place to share.



  1. Hey Charlotte, I will follow your blog if you will follow mine.


  2. You got it John! I will talk about zeitgeist for you on one of the posts! Got to edumacate you Texans to ur big city ways!

  3. Congrats on the blog, Charlotte. It is great!
    Too bad you do not cater down here in the south.
    (Uncle) Hank