Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Celebrate Party Showcase at the Greenwich Hyatt

We had a ball this Sunday at the Celebrate! Showcase (http://www.celebratepartyshowcase.com/) Greenwich Hyatt meeting new friends and strengthening old relationships. This event vendor showcase is one of our favorite things to do; we roll out new ideas, new displays and get immediate feedback from the public. On Sunday, we rolled out our answer to the new economy with décor and food that meets the tightened budget. The Crudité and Satay Garden became a talking point for every person that walked by with most people coming back to get a better look. Just what you want for your event!

If you are planning a major event visiting one of the three showcases this company holds a year is a very good idea. Entertainment, flowers, photographers, venues, décor, cakes, invitations, and all manners of craziness is right there for you to see. Of course we have our favorite vendors whom we like to work with, who we know deliver a top shelf product, but the fit has to be yours.

MitzvahMarket.com is a new resource for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning families. Their Website has a unique vendor directory and you can sign up for their free email newsletters filled with clever, useful and entertaining ideas. There is a lot of information on this site and we were lucky enough to be interviewed by creator Sheri Lapidus on why we are regular participants in this showcase. Here is a link to our interview with the Mitzvah Moms :

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