Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A sad sign of our times

We're busy getting a party out for tomorrow, but I wanted to lament with you. Gourmet Magazine, that bastion of taste, travel and food is being closed by Conde Nast. What a sad age we live in that such an inspirational magazine is going to stop publishing. I have Gourmet's that go back to the 70's (yes I have kept every single issue) and have pulled them out when we have traveled to get a gourmand's perspective. I view the food photos as ideals, have used the recipes as inspiration and keys to unlock my own creativity.

My mother cried when B.Altman closed. I never understood that, so many good stores my child's mind thought, what's the difference? Now, I see what the tears were for.

Talk to you soon!

Link to Conde Nast article:
Read all about it.

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