Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wild in Bedford!

Boy did we have a hot time in the old town last night! Truman had one night to remember at The Bedford Historical Hall. The building was built in 1806, moved to its present location in 1837 by OXEN and became the rallying cry to organize a preservation society. The building has original glass in its windows that in the shimmery lighting used to create the mood was breathtaking.

The invitations were “all access” passes one might find backstage at a concert, complete with lanyards. Guests were greeted by a red carpet, fanciful outdoor lighting making the Historical Hall the backdrop for drama. Once inside, our insiders faced “The Golden Sneaker” cake, which was the secondary theme and golden ladies on pedestals posing as statues. A lounge awaited created by none other than Brenda LaManna of Damselfly Design with entertainment from Dynamic Entertainment that supplied not only the music but signature lighting with Truman’s name emblazoned on the floor, a ton of streamers being shot onto the dance floor from above, photo booths and a funnel cake stand. A tattoo artist waited to put “tats” on guests, photographers were everywhere like paparazzi, the only thing missing was Lady GaGa herself.

Truman’s menu, aside from a complete “virgin bar” had such delectable’s as Mini Matzo Ball Shooters, Mini Yukon Gold Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche, Seared Tuna with Avocado in Wonton Cups to name just a few, of course our signature Satay Garden was there and during the cutting of the red velvet Golden Sneaker we served Mini Malted Milk Shake Shots, Deep Fried Chocolate Truffles and Mini Ice Cream Cones on neon lit cigarette girl trays. The adults, viewing this all from their own private lounge located on the balcony enjoyed Rude Cosmopolitans and Fireside cocktails.
What a night!

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  1. Okay so i just took a deeper look at your blog. Ur even more brilliant than i imagined! The sneakers on the app table, and the mannequins is so clever, god i really love the way your mind works! Oh! and the picture in the december part of ur blog where it has the tree branch is an amazing picture. props to you if you took that!!!! :)