Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anytime Joe and his family feed you, you know you are in for a treat. The hors D’oeruve would have been enough for mortals to feed their guests, not here. We began with a cheese ravioli and half pound elliptically shaped meatballs. Again, mortals would have stopped here. Later we had a deconstructed cob salad with applewood bacon and Maytag Blue Cheese. To round out this gluttonous day we had a perfectly braised short rib over cheesy mashed Yukon golds and a bundle of mahogany, blonde and orange baby carrots wrapped in scallions. No one in the room thought “oh no, not that again”! The groaning at my table from over eating was hilarious.

We can’t forget the children here, can we? A very welcome and very looked after group of lucky tykes they were. Their salad course had carrot sticks, cheese cubes, fruit and a jelly sandwich triangle. The main course was a Mikey Meal which was served in a bag. Standard Kiddy favorites were inside and no parent had a surly child on their hands. Brilliant. And I am stealing it this minute… ; )

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