Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching Up

This spring has been a sharp contrast to last year. My garden went in on time, even though the weather wanted to keep us on our toes. Business has been brisk as we realized that the new economy didn’t mean our entertaining lives had to come to an end. And lastly, gratefully, my family is not in crisis mode and we are learning to deal with the losses. Hubby left to volunteer his nursing talents in Haiti for awhile and that leaves me with some wonderful free time to sit and write to you.

We’ve been to some of my favorite people’s houses for soirees, attended the Visiting Nurse Association of Ridgefield’s annual fund raiser to see our contribution bring in the most money of the event and participated in the Ridgefield Kitchen Tour again.

I love the Kitchen Tour. I get to make exactly what I want and for the 4 hours of the tour while the gals stroll through, I get to talk and pretend I’m Shecky Green.

Aside from our Crudités and Satay Garden we offered a Berry Garden with a Lemon Cream, our own version of Baked Brie, Cognac Currant Cheesecake and a variety of soup shooters that included a Fresh Minted Pea with Crème Fraiche (which we make ourselves), Corn Chowder with Crabmeat and a Jalapeno “Pearl” garnish and Watermelon Gazpacho with an herbed “Pearl”, Sundried Tomato Quiche & a refreshing sparkling Lemon Mint Drink.

I promised recipes and here are a couple to get you started. Always feel free to ask for one you do not see. Making myself write them down and FINALLY getting this book done is high up on my “to do” list but somehow can’t seem to get done!!