Thursday, January 20, 2011

Want to feel like it's warmer?

Unctuous Beef Brisket. Cornbread, moist but crumbly with gritty perfection that needs neither butter nor honey. Smoked Prime Rib, rare, sliced thin and served on a soft potato roll with a Cajun Remoulade. Chicken wings, large and shellacked to juicy perfection in the custom smokers brought up from Texas served with a tangy buttermilk bleu cheese dipping sauce.Crisp and tender rings of fried Calamari with a Smoky Chipotle Sauce that have severely addictive qualities. Rounds of crisply fried green tomatoes with Pecorino Romano and drizzled with a spicy savory sauce.

These were some of the foods I sampled at Billy Joe’s Ribworks a couple of weeks ago and am still drooling over. With all the snow we’ve had I think we all need a break and I urge you to take the ride across the Newburgh Beacon Bridge and head to the river to eat at my new favorite place to hide out. Cavernous with a honky tonk feel, this new venture on Newburgh’s waterfront restaurant row has so many of my favorite things in a restaurant. First, it’s barbeque, hands down, my favorite thing to eat. Second, it’s on the water, and by on the water I mean, ON THE WATER. The Hudson flows directly beneath the considerable deck that is slated to be ready at spring’s first blush. Honestly, listening to the ice flow under my feet while looking across the Hudson, a bridge to my left and one in the distance to the right, the ferry landing just yards away, well, it was romantic even though it was freezing! Third, it's clever, clean and the guest is paramount being attended to by cute waitresses and waiters with just enough sass to make this fun. BIG drinks. BIG plates and something for everyone from the cue lovers like myself, to the ever dieting friend, vegetarian and even your mother in law who doesn’t like anything.

In the interest of full disclosure, my mentor Joe Bonura, Sr. and his family opened this place and invited me to stop and sample some fare while they were preparing for the official opening. But this family (who are referred to in a previous post - March 11, 2010) knows how to do it and do it well. Come by land or sea, yes you can dock your boat right outside, on two wheels or four. If I’m not at your house doing a party I will be there with a plate of wings in front of me!

Did I mention the Banana Pudding?

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