Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read the Sexy World over

Having just finished a marathon of 6 weeks of work coupled with getting the garden together I have a much needed week off. My scheduled coma. If I were anybody else I would spend this week lounging, catching up on past issues of Vanity Fair, playing toss with the dog and making dinner plans with friends. Not me. The first day was spent in the garden, oh how I love that little slice of earth, but I tend to garden like this was my last day on earth; EVERYTHING that needs to be done MUST be done. Crazy, I know, let’s take a peaceful pastime and turn it into another quest for perfection. Yesterday I ran a full day of errands (I did manage to squeeze in one of the best massages of my life), posted you and still was full of shplikis, Yiddish for nervous energy. I began to noodle around on the computer, came to the blog and started clicking on the things I probably should have a long time ago.

I found out that this blog, this blog that has only 16 registered followers who I thought was only read by a handful of friends and clients is read in 17 countries!


Now at first, when I saw Russia and Iran there I figured these are places where people sit in rooms monitoring the world, a room like that phone company commercial with “Peggy” at the other end. I mean can you see some Iranian woman, in her home, sans chador, reading “What to do in Chappaqua?” How about her Russian counterpart planning her sons Bar Mitzvah and reading my “Top Ten Money Saving Tips? But then why not? I read blogs from all over the world, some I go back to, most of them are food related but all of them give me a feel for their daily life and their daily life is much like mine. We try to do the most for the people we love and squeeze some pleasure from the day if it’s possible.


Well it turns out the number one viewed page was titled “A Very Unsexy Post” which was about food safety but I suspect the word “sexy” brought in the bulk of the traffic. So I am going to rename everything past and going forward….Each title will have the word sex or sexy in it. My SEXY Garden Gate, A SEXY yet Appropriate Name, The SEXY Meaning of Life. You get the picture. Google Ads will flood me with business, I will become a household name, the Today Show will have me on and want to know, well who knows what they ever want to know. Fame. Fortune. THUD. That was me plummeting to earth. My point is I think the traffic came in for other …ahem…reasons…. I am going to track this particular post in months to come and to see if it is as I suspect, the smarmies looking for new ground.

For the curious, 2,791 people have viewed my blog in (and in order of readership) the US-as far as Alaska, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Latvia, Iran, Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Chili, Indonesia, South Africa, Denmark, France, Canada, Chinaand India just joined my list. Almost everyone uses Internet Explorer (2,029) and Windows (2,553) 11 of you use Linux and 17 use Netscape. Personally I do find this stuff fascinating.

I have enabled the blog to be translated into your own languages, something I had not done because NEVER saw the need to have it anything but English, I have 16 followers after all, and I know 15 of them and most of them became followers because I begged them to, and we speak the same language. This revelation of you on the other side of the globe reading this is stunning to me. And now that we are on this subject, write me, if this is indeed a place for food, parties and kvetching and we know women do this all over the planet, let’s talk about it.

After “The Unsexy Post” page, a whopping 675 views interest is in recipes so I am going to provide more Sexy recipes. I’m already getting sick of the sexy thing….

Write me.

To help translate some of my NY Yiddish you can use:

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