Monday, August 15, 2011

Wear your SEAT BELT

Please wear your seat belt.

My husband is an EMT and nurse and volunteers on the local ambulance. Friday night, around 10 p.m., a call came that there had been a bad crash on the nearby Interstate, while he was not on duty, he went. A car with 4 local girls was coming back from a ball game on the way to the diner, somehow, the car flipped over. The moon roof was open. Three of the girls were wearing seatbelts, one wasn’t.

The three girls who wore their seatbelts, while injured walked, I repeat walked away. A local lifeguard about to enter college. Pretty and loved by all. The funeral cortege just passed our home which faces the lake as they drove her around one last time while a soft rain fell.

Please, please, please wear your seatbelt.