Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The top photo is one of fellow caterer Dawn LaRochelle and I looking spiffy in our party duds.
The second is a beautiful coffee station but I wondered how much in rentals this would have cost my clients. The silver coffee samovars rent for $70 apiece. The d├ęcor design would either have a design firm come in or require someone to go out and purchase saw horses, paint them and so on, then bookcases. Not a money saving option to my eyes.
The main course food was presented in pods. Each pod was a square with the exterior accessible to the guests to pick up “little plates”. On the interior of the pod were chefs making new plates for guests. The tables the chefs worked on were nicely appointed and guests felt as they were watching the show but I couldn’t help but think that while trendy and showy this was a waste of money
There were 10-11 tables per “pod” and in this instance 5 to 6 chefs per pod. Right there you have over $1,000 in rentals and labor. And this party had 4 of these larger pods so before we even figure out food, we have spent $4,000. . In order to eat what I would consider a normal dinner, I would have had to have 9-10 plates and forks, about $10 and I did not have a place to sit. I could see this for a large NYC fund raiser but in our market, not practical BUT I will take elements to bring to your parties.

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