Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Girl & Her Pearls

Molecular Gastronomy! I have run from this with all my might and have been converted! Andy Snow, from Feastivities in Philadelphia gave an amazing seminar on food trends at the Catersource conference. When I realized that this new culinary trend is taking natural compounds and applying them to food in a different way, well my eyes flew open and I purchased a starter kit and believe me this is just the beginning.

First we are going to give you girls PEARLS! Yep, little bursts of flavor to top your hors d'oeuvres. One compound that is derived from calcium is added to the sauce, the sauce is strained to become a clear liquid and then put through a device that looks like it belongs in a DNA lab. This then gets put into a solution of mostly water and a compound that is derived from seaweed. The sauce forms a hardened exterior keeping the interior liquid so that it bursts when bitten. No more sloppy dripping sauces and an exciting presentation and eating experience.

The next mad scientist experiment we will conduct is mozzarella balloons, an incredibly fun way to update the Caprese Salad. Oh and did I mention these new treatments will add nothing, not one cent, to the bottom line? Excited guests, you being first on the block AND keeping your money where you need it these days, in your wallet!


  1. very exciting now I am even more jealous that I could not make it. I tried to do baloon moz and did not work for me. I look forward to following you, hopefully I can catch up this summer at the ica seminar.

  2. Kim: If you check back on this emial me at with your phone number, I'll call and go over what they taught. I'm sure you'll get it!