Monday, January 18, 2010

The Art and Spirit of Giving

December also found us coming to the aid of one of our own. A family member of one of our band came down with a nasty cancer at a pretty advanced stage. Due to the economy their income stream had become a dribble and their health benefits dried up. Her good friend, another family member of this tribe quickly pulled together an auction of some very stunning art. Both the one with the illness and the person putting this on are involved in the art community as has their families over many years and they called on collectors, artists, musicians to donate pieces and talents for the auction. Charlotte Berwind Fine Foods donated food and four members of the team donated their time.

A good amount of money was raised along with our flagging spirits leaving those involved with the feeling that this is what the holidays are truly about. It was the highlight of my 2009. If you would think a positive thought for this person, they are fighting valiantly.

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