Thursday, March 11, 2010

Under Mikey's Big Top

Chuck and I had the good fortune to be invited to a party thrown by a mentor of mine. I could write an entire post on this man and his genius, not only in business but the intricacies of how to throw huge events.

The occasion? His grandson’s first birthday. Yes, yes, I know, a first birthday? Get a pony, a cake, the camera and pretty much call it a day. Oh no. Not for this man who has several huge catering locations, in an economic downturn, he needs to keep busy! So he and his son put their heads together and boy did they ever!

The theme of a circus could be heard before seen with calliope music playing at the entrance. As you pulled up to the dozens of valets, there were clowns of every type: on stilts, in skirts, gorgeous girls in those circus costumes with balloons, balloons, balloons. And a boat. A cigarette boat painted in the wildest colors, Mikey’s first birthday gift because every child needs a “toy” boat.

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