Friday, March 12, 2010

What the.....

I’ll make this brief because this loopy suggestion of banning salt from restaurants is a pathetic attempt by an obscure assemblyman for some camera time is ridiculous. YET. It has my feathers ruffled.

As a woman and a consumer, I am in the super market regularly; I see what is in other peoples carts. I also have the rare perspective of knowing what is inside many of my client’s cupboards. The amount of convenience food I see purchased is staggering; more disturbing still is how much of this food is fed to our kids. So do we ban salt in manufactured food? Then what? Maybe by the time I hit “the home”, we’ll just get those tasty MRE’s they distribute after earthquakes and floods. Low fat, low sodium, high in protein and even the starving Haitian people didn’t want them choosing to not eat instead. Yummy.

Shop the perimeter of the store; avoid the aisles, that’s the answer. Anyone who has met me knows that I am….what’s a nice way of saying this….amply nourished, and I have done that in the most childish way possible. I over consume ice cream, cookies, candy & cake. Yes, my name is Charlotte and I’m a cakeaholic, and an adult and don’t need anyone outlawing my own version of heaven. Thank you, I’ll step off my soapbox now….

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  1. Amazing!
    Perfect planning for getting us out of a recession.......put the entire New York restaurant industry out of business.