Monday, May 31, 2010

A Vegetarian Graduation

The task was a daughter’s graduation from college, a vegetarian who wanted to be able to reach for anything that passed by and not have to worry if it was “safe”. Mom also wanted her friends to be able to eat- the carnivores and then there was a beloved aunt with dietary restrictions. I had my work cut out for me!

For the daughter we adapted our satay garden for the multi level deck that looked over the family’s substantial property. On the lower levels of the deck we only served vegetarian foods while the carnivores were served nearer the bar on the upper most deck. For the aunt with dietary restrictions, we adapted the entire menu for her food and dedicated one service person as her “go to”. The server was introduced at the beginning of the event so this family member could eat confidently throughout the day.

Décor included tye dyed tablecloths that suited this young woman’s personality, having many talented people in their circle, no less than three bands played during the day, golf carts rented for the occasion, brought the guests from the designated parking area to the area where the party was held. The cake exactly replicated this lucky young woman’s’ diploma and the rain held off!

Some of the offerings included:

Veggie Burger "Sliders"
Gazpacho Shots with Yellow Pepper “Pearls”
Goat Cheese "Quenelles", Figs & Honey Glazed Pecans on Endive Petals with a drizzle of Port Reduction
Watermelon & Manchego with a Balsamic Reduction Served in an Asian Spoon
Stuffed Artichoke Leaves

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  1. This is very very cute!
    The menu sounds good too!! yummm
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